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glass replacement & RepairAs utility bills continue to soar, more and more homeowners are coming to see replacement windows as a priority. If your home was built several decades ago, and you still have the original windows, you may not realize how much you are losing out by not having them replaced. There are several reasons why it is important to get this done as soon as possible. Or. if your window was broken unexpectedly you may need to find a reputable glass company as soon as possible. At Chandler Auto Glass & Window Replacement , we strive in making your life easier and try to take the pain out of a broken pane. You can count on us to have competitive prices, incentives, and fast delivery services.


Reasons You Need Replacement Windows

The number one reason is the money you would save on heating or cooling your home — the average cost saving is 35 percent. This means, for instance, that if your air conditioning currently costs you $5,000, your saving is likely to be around $1,750 each year. Not only this, but replacement windows add immensely to the value of your home — most realtors estimate that you can claw back as much as 96 percent of your expenditure in increased value, in two or three years.

There are other reasons, too, why you should be looking at replacement windows. Any window that was installed a few decades ago is almost certain to contain lead paint, which is really dangerous, especially for children. In addition, if you have been noticing mold around your walls, it is likely to be the result of moisture seeping in through inefficient sealing.


Glass Repair

When you come to a company such as ours for replacement windows, you will find there are many other services we can offer you as well, such  as glass repair. It is particularly important to be able to count on a prompt glass repair service if your window has been smashed by kids playing baseball. However, a glass repair and replacement service can also help you if, for instance, your window insulation is worn, and you just need some caulk and weather stripping.


Choice Of Materials And Styles

When you decide to improve your home with replacement windows, you will find you have a wide choice of materials and styles. Many people love wood for the frames — it looks so warm and attractive, and can be painted any color you choose. However, although in a dry climate it is not likely to warp very much, wood still takes quite a lot of maintenance. Vinyl or fiberglass frames are popular for their durability and strength, and because they require less maintenance than wood. You also have the choice of styles, including double hung or casement windows, and you need to consider the actual glass you use. For maximum energy efficiency, as well as peace and quiet, dual pane windows are recommended.


Many Other Services

Alternatively, while you are having your replacement windows installed, it could be a good idea to have sliding glass doors fitted to your patio. These are a wonderful benefit — they are very quiet, easy to operate, excellent for security, and look beautiful as well. In addition, while the fitters are around, it would be a great opportunity to think about a glass table top for your dining room. It gives a wonderfully elegant look to your dining area, and will really impress your guests — plus it is so much more hygienic and easy to clean than wood. You can have free quotes for all these services, so you have nothing to lose by inquiring.


Our Promise

Your replacement windows and other installations should be a major investment in your home, which will pay dividends for years to come. To be sure of this, you need to utilize a reputable and reliable company such as ours, where everything is guaranteed — highest quality products, on-time delivery, and never undersold, as we match the price of any comparable product. However, our biggest promise is that when you have your superbly renovated home, we will be as proud of it as you are.


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