The gorgeous addition to your meal is the 3 tier cake stand.

The Cake is delicious! But it should be very beautiful! Always the cake is the last step on any holiday. Guests are always eagerly waiting for the cake, and the owners are always worried, they want the cake was delicious and well decorated. You can give the cake on the usual big plate, but it will not create the atmosphere of this luxury holiday! How to apply the same enchanting cake? In this issue we will be able to help 3 tier cake stand. On this base we can put the cake and not only it. Also very nice on such stand will look candy or fruit. In any case, such a stand will have a beautiful and elegant appearance.

Let’s take a closer look at the kinds of supports. 3 tier cake stand can be different. You can pick up the stand for each holiday separately or can be a little to save your money and buy a universal stand that will be suitable for all holidays. For children’s parties recommend buying the stand in the form of favorite cartoon character or a fairy tale. Child stands are bright colors. For an adult can buy a standard cradle, or with a hint of his hobbies or work.

For such a momentous event, like a wedding or anniversary, it can be engraved on the base. You can engrave the names of the newlyweds, or age (birth date), hero of the day.

Now a little about the materials making up the stands.3 tier stand can be made from different materials. Will look very solid stand, made of gold or silver. Of course, such stands will be more expensive, but if the holiday is very important, you don’t need to save your money. Also supports can be made of plastic or PVC. This will be a cheaper option, but still stand to look beautiful. You should know that if you use a 3 tier cake stand made from silver in the room where very wet, they will darken with time. But this problem is easily dealt with by a special fluid that can be purchased at a jewelry store. Will be sufficient to simply wipe the stand that fluid. And your stand again, will you please to its beautiful shine.

Thus, 3 tier cake stand would look very beautiful and elegant on any holiday. Such stands are decorated table. A Cake, a candy, fruit on a stand will look elegant. And all guests will be happy with this cake! – 3 tier cake stand.

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