The Bakflip Series: The Standard in Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

Searching for top quality truck bed tonneau covers which provide overall flexibility along with protection?  The Bak Bakflip tonneau covers offer you the very best of both worlds:  the versatility of soft tonneau covers and the maximum safety and security of hard top truck tonneau covers.  The Bak tonneau covers are made of high-grade aluminum or even fiberglass, making them resistant against the toughest climate conditions.  They also give you full access to your truck bed with their revolutionary 3 or 4 fold panels.  The best part is, they are simple to set up along with pre-assembled parts as well as no-drill clamps which allow you to install and take away effortlessly without damaging your own truck bed’s pristine finish.

The Bakflip truck bed tonneau covers come with three versions:  the HD collection, the G2 and also the F1 truck bed covers.  The Bakflip G2 truck tonneau covers are manufactured from aluminum sheet sandwiched EPS core, causing them to be durable yet very light.  This EPS primary protects the truck bed, which makes them cooler in the summer or warmer during winter.  They also avoid leaks to penetrate the panel, maintaining your truck bed air-dry.  This is perfect if you live in a tropical location where you have to keep your drinks cool during a stroll through the beach or maybe you have to keep the cargo warm inside a heavy snow storm.

The particular HD compilation of the Bakflip tonneau covers are perfect if you live through the shore.  Other hard-top truck tonneau covers will eventually succumb to wear as well as tear especially if you reside near the beach where the salt spray and the salty air can corrode the aluminum panels.  The HD truck tonneau cover panels are manufactured from tough-as-nails Aluminum which are lighter than that of the particular Bakflip G2 tonneau cover.  They also come with a baked-on powder coat finish, which makes them resistant to acid, gas, water as well as salt spray.  Durable, yet lightweight, the HD truck bed tonneau covers could even outlast your own pickup!

The Bak F1 folding truck tonneau cover is the latest addition towards the Bakflip family.  Unlike its alternatives, the F1 consists of fiberglass reinforced polymer along with aluminum underside panel.  Compared towards the HD and also the G2, it is the lightest of the Bakflip collection, which makes them very easy to set up and remove from your truck bed.  They are  also the toughest among the three, having the ability to withstand the toughest climate conditions.  

The F1 series feature UV protected panels that do not fade or crack under extreme sunlight.  They also remain cooler even after prolonged sun exposure.  If you’re searching for something to safeguard your truck bed while you travel long distance, the F1 series is among the most recommendable.

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