New Cars: How You Can Pay The Lowest Prices

You are more than likely going to end up paying too much for a car if you just go into your nearest dealership and pay the price they are asking for a new car. In most showrooms, you will find that the seller is prepared to lower the price of the car if it will guarantee him a sale. This means that if you fail to get a reduction you have paid too much. The following are a few tips which should help to ensure that you get the lowest prices when it comes to new cars.


  • You need to have some idea of the lowest prices for new cars if you want to be able to pay this. The dealer is going to want to make a profit on the car and knowing this means that you know the dealer is paying a lot less for the car than he expects you to pay for it. Knowing the price they paid though can be useful because it gives you a price to work towards. You can find this information out if you search for it online.


  • In most instances the biggest reduction that a dealer will be prepared to give on a car is about 3%. Because the price of cars is quite high, this can work out to be a good bit of money in your pocket despite the fact that it doesn’t sound like much. For instance if the price of the car in the showroom is £10,000, then you should be able to get it for £9,700. So you could get £300 off the price of the car and you would obviously much rather have that in your pocket instead of the dealer getting it.


  • Do push hard to get a reduction of more than 3%, but you have done well if you managed to get this.


  • Don’t accept extras in exchange for a drop in the price. It is more important to be satisfied with the price of the car before you even think about talking about extras. Remember that a cash reduction is always better.


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