Free Chip Repairs w/ any New Windshield Replacement

Windshield RepairWe are offering free windshield chip repairs at Chandler Windshield Replacement with any new windshield replacement. This service provided by our company is free, unlimited, and we come to you. Once your windshield is installed and if it picks up a rock chip, call us right away and let us fix it absolutely free. This service is offered whether you had to pay for your car windshield yourself or if your insurance company picked up the tab.  We will never charge your insurance company for the rock repair saving you from having to file another automobile windshield insurance claim.


Windshield chip repairs are important for the safety of the people traveling by automobiles. A small rock chip can suddenly break out causing your vision to be impaired leaving your family’s safety at risk. Your timely action to call a windshield repair company can save you substantial money, which could otherwise be wasted on its replacement. The repair agency professionals are quick in fixing the cracks without breaking the original seal on the windshield. The entire car windshield repair can be carried out in less than 30 minutes.


When a automobile windshield cracks, air and debris gets accumulated in the empty space. The repair team removes the air and debris from the break and fills it with a clear resin. When the resin is filled into the crack, it is then hardened by ultraviolet light so that the crack does not spread any further. Laminated glass that is produced to make car windshields is the only type of glass that is repairable by this method.


The auto windshield repair process will not fully make the break disappear but will substantially improve the strength of the car windshield in the affected area so that it does not break any further. A windshield  chip repair will cosmetically improve the affected area about 60-80%. Moreover, automotive windshield breaks that are less than the size of a business card are only reparable and there are also other factors that determine the success of rock chip repair repairs including: the location of the break, contamination, its size and type of break. Car windshield repairs come out best when they are repaired right away and no contamination has affected the area.

In other circumstances, when the top layer of the car windshield does not break all the way through, then an auto windshield repair cannot be performed. However, in such cases there are fewer chances for the windshield to crack causing potential damage to the car’s windshield. A windshield pit, only breaks the surface of the top layer of the glass therefore there is no way to inject resin between the glass layers.