Finding A Great Used Car Deal

Provided you know how to negotiate then it is not too hard to come up with a great used car deal. The problem is that a lot of us will accept a price too early in a transaction. If you are unable to haggle then you could end up losing out on quite a bit of money. Here are just a few tips for how to successfully negotiate your way to a used car deal.


  • Don’t allow the seller to control the conversation. You will probably end up with a deal that you are unhappy with if you let this happen. Being friendly is fine, but you should try not to be too chummy until the deal is finalised.


  • Don’t appear too eager to buy because this gives too much power to the seller. Look at the seller in disbelief when he or she names their price and try to look as if you are not that bothered about buying the car. If the seller feels that they are likely to lose the sale they will be far more eager to drop the price.


  • It is important that you know the going price for the type of car you are viewing. This means that you will need to do a bit of research before you view the car. If you don’t know how much a car should cost how can you possibly tell if you are getting a good deal or not?


  • Don’t let a car salesman sideline your negotiating on the price into bargaining for certain extras. Don’t even think about talking about extras until you have finished haggling on the price. It is always better to have the extra money rather than extra gifts.


  • It is a buyer’s market at the moment so don’t forget this. There are plenty of people selling used cars and this puts you in a powerful position.


Any time you happen to be in search of used cars for sale, it’s always advisable to undertake the right groundwork in advance. Investigating will let you choose the absolute best used cars for the type you may be seeking out. When your groundwork is conducted, you can very well end up with a great Ford Focus or even a Ford Mondeo.

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