Donating your car to charity

Are you looking to get rid of a vehicle, but don’t feel like going through the hassle of selling it?  Or maybe you don’t feel like being low-balled and taking a lot less than the car is worth from your local wide-smiled car dealer.  I could use other words to describe them, but I will leave that alone.  One option you may want to consider is donating your car to charity.

Donating your auto, or motorcycle, motor home, RV, or whatever makes a lot of sense.  First of all, it gives you a good feeling knowing that it is going to a worthy cause and the vehicle will more than likely end up with someone who really needs it, maybe even more than you do.

It will help the charity or foundation you choose to donate it to raise some funds, which more than likely are going to worthy causes or providing employment for someone.  

Another biggie is the fact that you will be able to get paperwork from the foundation or charity the vehicle is going to that will enable you to write it off as a tax-deduction.  Many times the write-off comes out to more than you may have gotten had you sold the car outright to begin with.

The two major charitable entities that come to mind are obviously the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries.  Both of these fine organizations can provide you with all the instructions, paperwork and whatever else you will need to make the process a smooth one.  And in most cases they will even be willing to come and pick up the vehicle, especially if it is not in running condition.

A word of advice here.  Even though they are in the business of taking donations, they will not just take any vehicle.  I mean if the vehicle is obviously in a state where it will never run again, or it is just an out and out piece of junk, trust me, they will not take it.  Think about it.  Would you?

Now, even though the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries are the big dogs in the donation arena, do not overlook lesser-known smaller organizations.  Many of these are local and community-based in nature.  And many churches have charity groups who may be willing to accept the vehicle.  You can also do a Google search for local charities in your area, and don’t overlook asking family and friends if they know of any charitable organizations.

If you are looking to take the biggest write-off you can get while donating your car or vehicle, then it stands to reason you will try to see which charity can provide you with the right paperwork to do so.  In this economy, who isn’t looking to save some money, write something off, or make a little cash here and there?

If this is not the case, then you may want to donate the car to an organization or charity you have a personal liking for, or maybe even an association with.  Whatever you decide upon, just know that donating anything to a charity or organization is just a plain old good thing to do.



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