Claiming Car Accident Injury Compensation

If you are one of the millions of people in America that’s a victim of road car accidents, you are likely going to negotiate with the other party’s insurance company in order to reach funds. This has a positive result whether it was the other driver’s fault, but if it is yours expect a very hard battle in the court.

More often than not the insurance companies have their own skilled negotiators so that it would be wise to prepare your demands that ought to be base on the actual and objective facts. When you are preparing your settlement demands you are able to ask help from personal injury lawyers to understand everything about car accident injury claim.  

Right after the accident, obtain a report made by the police officers who attended the accident describing the particular accidents. If you notice any falsel misstatements in the report, you may demand corrections. Possess a witness if you were able to document one to support your claim.

Determine whose fault is the accident. Different states have different system used in determining whose fault may be the accident. Like Georgia is carrying out a modified and a comparative negligence system. When the court finds out that you are at least 50% at fault then you will not recover any compensation whatsoever.

If the court identified the other driver to be at fault, the insurance coverage company of the other driver is going to be responsible for awarding you the compensation you deserve. You’re actually negotiating with two insurance companies: one for that property that was damage and also the other one is for personal injury.

You need to be ready with your car repair bills and receipts as evidences from the amount you paid after car repair was made. If the car is totally damaged, the real value of the car in the market today would be the basis.  Include also in your filed documents the current and the medical expenses later on that will accumulate due to the injuries.  All other statements or witnesses must be secured because once you have signed a settlement agreement you can no longer request an additional settlement or claim any more damages.

Indirect damages like lost work time, expenses suffered by the trips going to the hospital for more treatment. Include also the suffering and also the pain you sustained. After you have come up with the total figure, pad the total amount to give you a room for bargaining throughout the negotiation.

Send a demand letter to the at fault party which contains the settlement demand as well as the breakdown of the figure. You are able to ask the help of an attorney to barter if needed. Bring all the documents or evidences that you collected when you calculate the claim. If you are amenable with the offer, draft and sign the settlement agreement specifying the amount of the settlement and also the date and approach to payment. Seek more information at

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