BMW – How Its Colorful Past Continues To Define The Future Of The Car Industry

Some people don’t realize that driving should be an exciting experience, not just a way of getting from A to B. If you are one of these people, take yourself over to BMW automobile dealers Agoura and hop behind the wheel of a brand new BMW. By doing this, you will soon start to feel the adrenaline rush. With a ride that’s so smooth and an experience that is so exhilarating, you will suddenly understand just how unique a Bimmer is.

BMW has a pretty long and colorful history. It first started as a manufacturer for airplane motors. After World War I, however, the Treaty of Versailles forced them to shut down production. So instead, they started making motorcycles, then eventually cars.

The logo of BMW, that familiar symbol of quality car engineering, has quite an interesting story itself. The symbol – a circle cut into four quadrants shaded white and blue – are said to resemble the movement of airplane propellers in the sky. However, this story is currently being disputed, as there have been claims that this interpretation was only adopted for convenience’s sake.

Continuing on with the history, BMW came out with their first automobile in 1928, the Dixi. While the Dixi wasn’t an original BMW design, it still harbored in a new age for the manufacture of vehicles under the company of BMW. Soon after, new cars were making their way out of the doors of the company, and more and more people were falling in love with what they had to offer.

1932 was the year that the first automobile with an original design came out for BMW. Called the AM4, this car was a huge step forward in the history of cars and for BMW. This encouraged the company to come out with another model, the 328. As a revolutionary new design in the car industry, it excelled at winning races and  driving the streets of the city.

After World War II, BMW was plummeted into financial issues. In 1959, a special meeting was held to decide whether the company should continue or if it should be ended. However, there were people who believed that BMW could carry on, thus resulting in BMW still being around today. All around the world, more and more different types of people were purchasing cars, and BMW was there to supply them.

In 1992, BMW decided to build a plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina as to bring its products to the loyal customer base it had in the United States. All sorts of models make there way out of the doors of this manufacturing plant, supplying people from the United States and other parts of the world, like your local BMW car dealers Orange County, with these luxury cars.

As you can see, BMW has a long and colorful history full of ups and downs. However, the driving experience of one of these cars has remained just as superb as it has always been. Always armed with the latest in innovative technologies, these vehicles promise to provide a not only safety and security, but an experience that is genuinely enjoyable. If you haven’t test driven a car from your local BMW automobile dealer Agoura, take the time to try one out. You will be surprised to see just what you’ve been missing out on.

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