2011 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Specifications

Mercedes Benz C-Class was 1st outfitted with PRE-Protected characteristic in the year 2002, this technique helps avoid the valuable seconds just just before any kind of incident which is about to come in entrance of it. PRE-Secure program from C-Course can make large use of existing time. The program works on the sensors such as the ESP & the BAS technique which are highly capable in detecting the harsh scenarios and operates all in accordance to that. It assists operate with vital steering movements, panic braking & emergency stops.

At existing Mercedes C-Class review has mentioned all about the car and is offered with 3 product variants viz., Mercedes Benz C 200 KOMPRESSOR, Mercedes Benz C 220 CDI and Mercedes Benz C AMG. Amongst these a few Mercedes Benz Product variants Mercedes Benz AMG is a far better edition, which is significantly far more effective than others. The automobile is equipped with a V8 motor capable of displacinng the vehicle to 6,208cc.

This automobile presents a rated out-place of 336kw or 457 horsepower at the price of 6800 rpm. Moreover it is able of generating a torque of 600 Nano meter at the charge of 5000 rpm. It is equipped with a rear push electrical power transmission. And has an AMG SHIFT 7G-TRONIC program. It has fulfilled EU4 production regular & has afuel tank ability of 66 litres.

Security for the customers is one of the essential element for Mercedes Benz. Capabilities in the car assists to co-operate betterly with the owner in managing the car. Different passive security technique in the auto allows to stop the harsh circumstances about to come.

Much more-more than there are warning flashers in the automobile which are activated in case the car meets any kind of incident, so that it can assist stop any new incident. Occupant protection system in the vehicle simply lessens the cases of damage in the automobile when there arives a scenario of injury. There are some instace where it restrains from acquiring the harm. The automobile is outfitted with seat belt tensioners on the front seats and outer back seats and with several airbags.

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